Hazardous Waste Generator Licensing & Reporting: Understanding the Process and Obtaining Your EPA ID Number

What is a Hazardous Waste Identification Number?

There are two things a Hazardous Waste Identification Number (HWID) identifies: the physical location at which the hazardous waste is generated or handled and the name of the site operator. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) assigns HWIDs in Minnesota. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is involved in that they coordinate the numbering system. On this account, HWIDs are also referred to as EPA ID’s.

How do I obtain an HWID?

An HWID can be obtained through the MPCA’s online e-Services Notification of Regulated Waste Activity tool:


Note: Obtaining an HWID will not make your site liable for any additional regulation it is not already required to comply with. If you prefer a paper form, contact the MPCA.

Can I use the HWID of the site I bought or moved into?

Because HWIDs identify both a physical location where hazardous waste is generated or handled and the operator of that site, when the operator of a site changes, a new HWID must be issued or the old HWID must be reissued. Should you continue to use the HWID of a former site operator without the MPCA reissuing it, you may transfer liability to you as the new owner or tenant.

In no circumstances should you use the HWID assigned to the prior business or operator of the site unless it is reissued to you by the MPCA. If you are looking for a new HWID, you can request one from the MPCA using the e-Services Notification of Regulated Waste Activity tool.

What if I sell, close or move my business?

The e-Services Notification of Regulated Waste Activity tool is helpful in instances where your business sells, closes or moves to another site. Because HWIDs are site-specific and cannot be transferred to a new site, use this tool to submit an inactivation notification in each of these situations.

Again, request a new HWID from the MPCA using the e-Services Notification of Regulated Waste Activity tool.

Hazardous waste licensing

Businesses that generate most types of hazardous waste at Minnesota sites are required by law to annually report that waste to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) or to their metropolitan county. Then they must pay a fee and obtain a license for the following year.

Metropolitan area

Hazardous waste generators in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Scott, Ramsey and Washington are county-licensed. Contact the county for local hazardous waste licensing procedures and requirements in these counties.

Anoka County: 763-324-4260
Carver County: 952-361-1800
Dakota County: 952-891-7557
Hennepin County: 612-348-3777
Ramsey County: 651-266-1199
Scott County: 952-496-8177
Washington County: 651-430-6655


How and when do I report my hazardous wastes?

First, obtain a Hazardous Waste Identification Number (HWID) (also known as an EPA ID number) from MPCA for your site. Because HWIDs are site-specific, not specific to you as a business, you must get a new HWID for the new site if your business moves.

  • Obtain a HWID through MPCA’s e-Service. Detailed instructions for using this service are found at this link:


Applications can only be submitted after the calendar year is over. For hazardous waste generated the previous year, applications can be submitted January 1 – August 15. For example, a 2018 hazardous waste generators license application can be submitted between January 1, 2019 and August 15, 2019. Carefully follow all instructions on the application.

  • Use the e-Service to submit the hazardous waste license application
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions for completing the application

Even if you don’t receive a reminder to complete your application and your site generates more than 100 pounds of reportable hazardous waste during a year, you are still responsible for submitting a completed application to the MPCA.

You will receive less frequent reminders if your site generates 100 pounds of reportable hazardous waste or less during a year or if you generate certain types of recycled hazardous wastes which are not subject to annual fees. In this case, you are considered a Minimal Quantity Generator (MiniQG). Even if you believe you are a MiniQG, complete your license application as soon as you receive a notice. This will help verify your MiniQG status to the MPCA and ensures the MPCA’s records are up-to-date and accurate.

How and when do I pay my fee?

If a fee is required, you will receive an invoice in the spring of the year after you submit your license application. There are various acceptable methods of payment. Electronic withdrawal from a checking account (e-check), Visa™ or MasterCard™ through the MPCA Online Payments tool or a check mailed to the address printed on the invoice all suffice. To ensure that you are not assessed a late fee, pay by the due date printed on the invoice.

How do I get my license?

Once your fee is paid, you can print your license through the MPCA’s Hazardous Waste License Search tool. It is your responsibility to visit this webpage and print out your license. It may take at least two weeks for MPCA to receive and process your payment before you are able to print your license.

The reception lobby, waiting room or customer service counter are advisable places to post your license. You may post your license in a common employee area if you do not have a publicly visible option.

If you have trouble downloading your license from the MPCA’s website, MPCA can mail you a copy. Just contact the MPCA licensing staff.

If you are looking for more information regarding the licensing process, visit the links below:
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